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Whether you are looking for a quick and easy way to safely transport your recreation vehicles, have a permanent flexible multipurpose system for tieing down almost anything or you are looking for a wall track shelving system for your garage or work shop. Fastrac is an innovative solution!

Can I get FASTRAC sections under 4'? Are they available in 10' or 12' lengths?
No, FASTRACs come in 1 standard length of 4′. They can be mounted end to end for longer applications. You can also cut FASTRAC’s to any desired length within 4″ increments.
Can I reuse them for other trailers?
Yes, FASTRAC’s simply bolt into place. If you want to reuse them on a different trailers or different application just disassembled and remount.
Can I use FASTRAC’s for building applications?
It depends on the weight and mounting surface. FASTRACTM can handle weights up to 900lbs and are great for shelving but we do not recommend using them for assembling structures (sheds, swing sets etc..).
Can I use nails to mount FASTRACs?
We recommend bolts for mounting each track for strength and stability.
Should I get a double or single trac Chock?
Both set ups depend on your desired application and the availability of surface space. Example: If you have a combination
of items like 2 snowmobiles and a single motorcycle. It may be more advantageous to have a single designation choke for the
motorcycle and tracs for the snowmobiles. A birds eye sketch of you trailer with some measurements is a good way to pre-plan
a set up.

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